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Speed dating in the math classroom.

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Cabac designs, interactive maps -- here! Richsound is the clock service free chat, freezing within same flight status. They students then exchanged note cards and solved the new problem. Also I knew the correct answer was their as well. Fun things I saw — it was fun seeing students who sometimes struggle helping other students who were stuck on their expert problem. It was fun seeing the confidence level increase in solving these problems after a few dating rotations.

Posted by Becky Rahm on April 17, in Uncategorized. Does each person have a worksheet and they switch or is it a recording sheet and each kid keeps a notecard that they move with? I love this idea I just need some more information. You can really do it how you want.


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I suppose dry erase boards would work too. But the key is the person sitting across from you has the correct answer. And thanks for reminding me of this. I found this post today! I came up with the same idea last year. We used it at least once with every unit. I wrote the 12 problems on pink index cards and copied them onto blue index cards. I had the cards laminated so I would be ready to reuse this year.

Speed dating in the math classroom. | Sum Math Madness

I figured out that you can make the other side rotate, also. Kids would hate moving, so they would try to figure out which side would move and strategize their seat. If I had an odd number of students, I would sit across from the solo and work the problem on a sheet of paper.

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Two awesome things happen with this activity! I usually group high and low. With this activity, the kids get to work with half the class. Some of my high students begin asking each other questions that deepens their understanding. I am, however, going to figure out another name: Okay so you have 12 sets 24 problems or 12 problems and the set is two of the same problem so at first the person they are sitting across from has the same problem and they can work with them to figure it then you have one student switch so then they have different problem to solve and then they can help each other because they are an expert on the card that they came with — yes does my question make sense?

Your question makes total sense.

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I probably should have explained better. For this activity I made 12 sets of 2, so 24 papers but 12 different problems. The partners start by working their expert problem together so they can help each other out if stuck. One side then rotates and trades problems with their new partner. Before I say rotate, they must trade their problem back so they have their problem they originally started with — the one they are experts at. Then they rotate again.

The reason I made 12 sets is because I have generally have 24 desks.

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