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Once I saw him at a party, I knew right then and there that I wanted to go out with him…if only I knew what I was getting myself into!!!! He is in a tight nit group of people who he does business with. But no matter how much he spends on me, he still fails to male me happy. I have told him multiple times that I just want his attention…! I find myself waiting on him to do anything with because he is always waiting on someone to come over. Do you people not plan ahead or realize he is a person to? I absolutely loathe the phone calls.

10 things to consider BEFORE you date a drug dealer

They always seem to ring at the worst time! Now given, he is a hard worker with now a real tax paying job. I just feel like I need time for me. He is very good to me and I know beyond a doubt he has never cheated,but this dealing thing is taking a toll on me.

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I have tried to make friends and to go out, but he either gets insecure or plain mad at me. Yet he leaves all the time. I feel so horrible for writing negatively about him, I love this guy! But these are my true feelings…. And that is even worse…thank you again for the article! I wished I read it two years ago. This is so far the absolute truth from time to time I reread it to make me feel better yes the constant phone ringing.

I love him to pieces but the constant phone calls and leaving in the middle of the night is awful. How do I trust someone who constantly feels they need to pick that over me. I have been dating my bf for a year he has been selling for a long time. When I first met him he told me he is a weed dealer but only small amount of weed. We clashed a lot but those misunderstanding seems to make us get closer. He call me names I just ignore him.

He is a smart guy and he can do way better rather than selling weed all his life and I told him that. I continue my life, I try not to be affected of his absence I have nothing to loss. Why put yourself into a mess. I do not want his money or what he can get some girl. He os just sexy and I am 9 years older than he is. I just want to suck him off and I want him to ride me and that we do this once a week. I want his mouth and I want to touch him and have rough sex with him. And then I go back home.

My father sold drugs on and off my entire childhood unless he was incarcerated up until I was years old. I grew up with nice stuff but lived in low income neighborhoods. He would take me, my mom, and my little sister all across the east coast wherever he was at at the time and we would stay in hotels to visit him. Usually we would be in Boston, Miami, or dc. He was the man and the shooter, I think they call what he was a wholesale distributor. When he got jammed up by a hoe druggie I was crushed. I had so much anger in me towards him I stopped visiting him or writing him.

This caused many many problems later on as well. My mom and my sisters were really poor when he left, she pulled the single mom role off pretty damn good tho. Went from traveling place to place in nice hotels and having the newest clothes to owning one pair of kicks a year and living in the projects. Me and him had major issues in my teens. He tried to make up for all the time lost but I still hated him for putting us through hell for all those years.

He cheated on my mom countless times growing up, did drugs in front of me, drank heavily, beat my moms ass, and put holes all through the walls in the house.

Me and him had constant fighting and the usual fist fight. All the while she stayed with him, they separated legally for years while he was locked but they are together still to this day. I thought this was how life was supposed to be so into adulthood I dated men who were similar in some way. He treated me right but I ended up fucking him over and left him. Typical and I apologized,were good friends now tho. Every other guy I had sold drugs, some of them were junkies too. That shit has a downfall. That refers mostly to lower level drug dealers which is majority of which who I dated but is only MY perspective.

They will take your car and pick up one of the side bitches and ride around in it. And definitely avoid if you have never been exposed to the streets because they will think ur a green bitch an get labeled a mark. I refuse to date another dope man but for some reason they like me a lot, and are constantly in view.

I am still a nurse working two jobs, almost finished with my schooling to be an RN; and still dating a DD, same one. He had gotten pretty bad in a lot of ways , while I think the situations I have been through have made me stronger and able to juggle a lot in life at once.

He has started using his product, which he always dabbled but now he has a serious heroin addiction. By some miracle he has been able to continue selling but I notice the money is not the same , I am getting stuck with bills and the excuses as just… Overwhelming. I have many goals he has none. Many times I have signed him up for school and technical programs but the motivation just is not there. He wants to end up in and out of jail for the rest of his life. The sucky part is we share an apartment and we are kind of stuck together until the lease is up.

All if this was good information. In the beginning the quick money is awesome and the attention he gives you. I am a beautiful woman that came from a corporate background. I now have PTSD. The lying, cheating and drama never stops.

Both turned out to be the same. I left the second guy because at least I learned from first one. Both of them got into it and were instantly hooked into the business. So you start feeling kinda neglected or his feelings changed. So then trust issues begin to start. I find clients to be the harder to deal with. End users are selfish and impulsive, not to mention inconsiderate.

She wants that trip to miami, and expects percent of your time. And the best and most loyal clientele are your closest friends. You already trust each other. But they are not friends to the person presuming to date the dd. I have so much money. I have so many beautiful friends. I am approached by gorgeous women every day. I am so fucking lonely because of the type of people whom write articles like this. I feel on edge and uneasy. But he lied to me for 7 weeks!! We have such good chemistry and a great connection. Is he caught up in soft or hard drugs? Does he really love me?

Before it was okay and now that the truth has sunk in, I feel mentally down ;. You have to go away. I was eith a DD in a very passionnate love relationship. But it changed me and i will never be the same again. I dated a drug dealer well.. I supported him inside the jail until he came out I know he loves me and I love him.. Until he came out to jail he started to lie and I can feel his cheated on me.. He keep telling me no.. It makes me mad frustrated and hurt! I dated a hustler from the age of so a course of 9 years.

Aside from being a hustler he wast very abusive and controlling.

Her Story: Inside the Life of A Drug Dealer’s Girlfriend

I had good times with him but the bad out weighed the good in this scenario. You take a lot of chances dating a hustler. Along with being a hustler the nice cars brings a lot of attention which is primarily the reason of you your man being in the game. You deal with a lot pullovers from cops.

You basically live a double life because your man will not allow you have friends. When I dated my man I was well taken care of whatever I wanted I got but those were all material things that were bought. Yea I had nice things but I was also lonely. You also have to move constantly and nothing is ever promised whatever you put on the relationship you will not get it back at all. I loved my man with all my heart even more than myself at times. But in the reality of the situation is that there are no guarantees.

You may even loose your self along the way. The stress is not with it maximize your youth and utilize your potential. The more money a hustler has the more females he has. He spends a few hours with me on the weekend and has his friend handle his business while we are together for a little bit. I always feel safe, he takes care of me when I get to drunk or to high.

He does get jealous but he gets over it cause he knows he was over reacting. I was with a drug dealer for 3 years. For the firste 6 months, I had no clue. I just tought he really enjoyed getting togheter with his friends… With the yeard I started accepting everything and understanding the situation!

We want to buy a house… We need more money than our 2 day jobs… Hes doing this for us. I was a drug dealer girlfriend. A couple of them. I get raided hid name is on my record as an alias I lost custody of my kids. I dated a DD for the very first time this year we met through social media. At first he came off like a respectable man he was 17 and I was 18 at the time. The reason that I dated him was because he was nothing like what you described on the list, but that slowly changed. When we turned 5 months he became a different man. I gave up two of my jobs in order to live with him and take care of his needs.

My point is that I was a real ride or die for him like they say they need and all I got in return was a cheater and a compulsive liar who was always late and always let me down. Cheater and a compulsive liar! He came out of prison into my home he never paid for but always had money for the latest trends and designer clothes xx. I am wife of a dealer. I knew his history and accepted it. It was his past. I wasnt stupid though. Addicts fall off the wagon sometimes.

More times than he admits. According to him he recreationally used off and on for a few months but when he was laid off in January he went full on. I found out 3 months later after a lot of suspicion. I admit I was prepared to leave. The fact that I stayed is testament to how much I love him. He knew it was time to talk about it. For a few days we got it All out there. It was past due.

Became closer and I felt a part of his life. Then he started selling again. His phone never stops. Most of them owe him money because he has been too easy on them when they are short. So we suffer instead. Bills go unpaid and we borrow money and never climb out of the hole he dug. And only one or two of His know. None of my friends know. I literally have no one. This helped me this evening! My blog has followed the past 3 years being with a man who deals drugs and despite standing by a prison sentence and having a baby he has continued his lifestyle of dealing.

Not to mention the cheating and nastiness! I want a better life xx. I was with a dealer for a year. Split up last month. I totally agree with this post. I think it varies for different types of dealers. I was already in love with him at this point and then the alarm bells started to ring.

It all started with his paranoia, he would get paranoid just by me looking at him in the wrong way or being polite to his friends. I have a kind and generous heart and he took full advantage of that. He would talk to me as and when he felt like it and accuse me of doing him wrong when I stuck by his side through everything, even leant him the money to pay off debts when he was scared of people coming to hurt him. He met the man and moved into his house to work off the debt and like an idiot I still stuck by him, he ended up on the streets and ended up having to live in a squat on a flea ridden matress which I stayed there with him, helped him clean up the flat.

He got pressured into doing it again and I was out of the picture. He would start treating me like shit and everytime we spent time together he would get shit for it and threats would even be made towards me because of it. He would slag me off to them and slag them off to me like a little bitch!

At the time I thought he was a man but since ive split up with him ive realised what a coward he really is! I try to feel sorry for him! If only he could see it the way I do! My love for him has turned to hate and I now see him as a coward and I feel sorry for him in a way! Its horrible and when you move on to better things you realize how pathetic it really is. My partners a DD, had been for a long time. I slowly found out the longer our relationship went on, by the time I really knew he was still selling it was too late, I was in love.

Now we have a baby. I have no plans of leaving him but I will if it continues for too long. Wish we could all have a proper group chat! But I feel I have to be anonymous. I do a little myself everyonce in a while but not too often. He doesnt pressure me into doing anything and If I ever want to try something new he gets it for me. We are both pretty young. He goes between sleeping at my place to his baby mamas cuz thats the only way for him to stay the night with his son at the moment.

He hasnt defined what we are yet but he talks to me more than most and we Fuck on a regular. Ive known him since we were kids and we have dated before there is love there but I feel he doesnt want to drag me into all his shit since I just tried drugs for the first time here recently. I know he trusts me bc he will leave me with his supply at times. But the thing is is that he doesnt make a bunch of money all the time. He dont spoil me unless I want to try a new drug. I take it as he has a kid he has to make sure is ok and hes only 20 so I cant expect him to be too successful at this moment.

I dont mind him being a DD and a user. I grew up around all of that. I just wonder if its worth it or if maybe I feel like I like him more than he likes me. Sorry for the long post but I need help guys. Also unless he is super geeked out he is always so sweet to me.

Hi Im a 26 years old mom who started dating at drug dealer when I was Drug dealers are clever an like to wrap you around there finger. My ex boyfriend is 21 now, he a drug dealer an very controlling, possessive, manipulative, an immature. We were together for a 1 year an 3months just broke up with him last month.

He was breaking my self esteem down an my family an friends didnt care to much for him either, I had to let him go. He wanted to spend time with me and would text and call. I fell in love with him somehow. Then when we decided to officially date things were ok but then spent less and less time with me sometimes he was gone for couple days.

It made me crazy jealous. Then i was in the wrong for being jealous and expressing my feelings. Time together was spent arguing about other women and him not spending enough time with me. Well, we broke up for short time and found out he had sex with one of the girls he knew. He would stop into my apartment every few days. Then he got arrested and spent 45 days in jail for some pretty serious charges.

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Guess who was there for all that? He apologized up and down for treating me like crap. Found out he slept with yet another girl. I helped him bond out and yes he went right back to dealing. I am physically, emotionally, and mentally wiped out. I used to deal and I loved it. I enjoyed the relationships I had with my customers, except when their tick is due. Although I eventually became a heroin addict, tried to go straight from dealing, lost one package and never recovered myself. My ex-heroin dealer and I had a strong relationship. He invited me to his house chase gear every so often. He made me very aware of what I was getting into as well.

But as he and I, and anyone who has delt, knows that dealing involves adopting some corrupt morals and rules to live by. Right at the top is never say no to a sale. It does wear you down over time. All the phone calls and the lying to your family. It got so bad. Driving half away across Scotland with enough drugs on you to get a year in a prison, drunk and tripping on k, meeting totally strangers in a car park.

One of the funniest things about dealing or being a junky, really is the lines you find yourself crossing. Shooting up h, smoking crack. Even just the houses you find yourself in: A seriously ill looking girl who needs a doctor More than another line. The stupid shit talk over lines of C of mkat. It takes away the glamorous notions about dealing when you realise your main customer base are absolute fannies you would never normally speak to.

Although I admit again that these relationships have a few special cases that fuelled my interest in the whole Affair. Yes yes it is an experience and an education. Dealing I mean, not heroin. Although a shot of H would nice just now hehe. Hmm interesting thoughts and replies…. Every one that knows us says we are the best thing that ever happened to each other. Been on smack for 5 yrs. Has two kids with different women. I saw him every day.

Saw him more than anyone but my ex. He stole from me, sold my shit, fucked over my friends, list goes on…. I started seeing my DD alone, hanging out with him more, getting him to open up to me more and more…. The initial reaction was that I was a whore screwing him for drugs and he just wanted some tight white pussy.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. I ended up dating a drug dealer, the high end type, as in his absents effects the market type. He made sure his clients had the best of what was selling on street that was the best and operations went smooth. We started spending time together only Exchanging kisses here and there. A month or two into it, one night he just disappeared. I thought i did something and tried to contact him so i can receive some closer on the matter, then i find out couple of days later that he was caught by police at a car park somewhere and now in jail.

So he ended up calling me from jail and we developed into this weird relationship, he was steaming hot but to cold to touch. You have either omitted a lot of details or you may have made a grave mistake. Just because your girlfriend said this guy was a drug dealer doesn't make him a drug dealer So her only proof that he is a drug dealer is some of the places she has seen him at.

So if she was there to be able to see him, is SHE also a drug dealer? Exactly what kind of investigation did she do? Did she make a buy? Does she know that if she found out beyond a shadow of a doubt that your guy is a drug dealer and failed to notify police, she is guilty of obstruction of justice? Unless you have more to go on than this, I would say he's lucky to be rid of a lady who would color him evil just because somebody said something bad about him. What kind of loyalty is that?

I just don't know how you could assume he invested his money in drugs if you have absolutely no idea how he invested his money except what's in your imagination Well, let me tell you, drug deals are done everywhere and during the Clinton administration people smoked pot in the White House.

So does that make his Secretary of State Madeline Albright a drug dealer Or does it make everybody who came into the Oval Office a sex pervert because the President was getting blow jobs from an intern there. Wow, I hope I never have a girl like you! I mean this guy was really, really nice to you and you didn't even give him the benefit of the doubt.

Did you confront him and ask him straight out? I would have gone to police and had them conduct an investigation If he wasn't, you would certainly be justified in getting away from him. You may be right. You may never find a man as nice as him and you may never, ever know if you broke his heart justly or unjustly. I think given the kindness he showed you he deserved more than a swift kick in the ass based on the amateur investigation of a busybody girlfriend.

Of coarse I wouldn't go on someone elses judgement without finding out for myself. She stated her accusitions and I set out to come up with a real conclusion. I began to notice certain friends we would stop by there house parties just long enough to mingle and have a drink and then leave. I also was very aware that most of them were involved with drugs. It never raised a red flag before because although I don't use I have found that a lot of people do. People you would never suspect. Whether they smoke pot or take pills or sniff.

I also am an artist and find most of friends in the art feild or very into drugs. I just never imagined they would be getting it from my boyfriend. Well to find out I went to a party that would surely have drugs at it. I told my man that I was going on a girls night out and went to this party. I knew a few of my mans friends or better "clients" would be there. I bodly put money in the pot to go towards buying extacy. I slinked into the backyard to smoke and so I would be out of sight out of mind About an hour later I heard a voice that unmistakingly was my man.

And he and one of the guys also joined a few of us on the patio to have a smoke and make an exchange. As the exchange was taking place I walked up to them and looked directly at their hands so it would be obvious I knew what was going on. My man cooly tried to act natural and suprised to see me. I just shook my head in shame and for the first time felt superior to him and left the party. I had caught him red handed. How much more clear does this picture need to be?

Did I call the police no. So I guess I am in obstruction. But I care for him and I hope he soon gets his life together. Your second post makes things a hell of a lot more clear. I'm sorry you're having trouble getting over this guy but had you remained with him you would have been subject to arrest at any time you were in his presence.

I'm very sorry it took you so long to find this out.

source link Drug dealers are slimey worms. As long as he's making the big bucks and staying out of jail, what motivation does he have for getting his life together. Obviously, money and drugs took precedence over you. I don't think I'd be able to live with myself knowing that this guy is out selling drugs to people and you're not doing anything about it. Seems you could figure out some way to have him and his cohorts busted without anyone finding out it was you.

Drugs kill and the people who sell them belong in jail. I think that drug dealers are bad, most of them are, but just think for one second about this You are 13, live in a ghetto Your mother doesn't care to pay the bills you try to get her help, she doesn't go, try again I do have a problem with people who do do it and they have no reason, they can get a job, they can make something of themselves, but they are just to lazy to put in the time and effort But please don't write off these people that you don't know their lives, I bet most of you have never had to worry about such things, I know that I haven' and I am very blessed for that, but put youselves in other peoples shoes I know that dealing causes violence In the scenario you described there IS help for those people.

There are hospitals and clinics for people who do not have insurance, with doctors able to diagnose conditions such as bipolar and treat them appropriately. There is also a welfare system for kids who don't have parents to support them. I realize our system isn't perfect, but it's better and safer than selling drugs.

Sorry you don't like my name Bill. I ran into him at my friends house last night I stop by every monday to see my godchildren. And He was there. I really was upset to see she let him in. I mean she has little kids. But she doesn't feel threatened because he is a nice guy and would never put her children in danger. He begged me to just hear him out. I really didn't want to.

Just seen the light of day

But I feel so much for him. But part of me is so upset because it doesn't know if what I feel for him is honest or built from his lies. It's hard to not jump to conclusions and tell him that everything he ever told me I doubt. But I gave him 5 minutes to say what he needed to say.

And he did describe such a situation that caused him to sell that was very heart wrenching. And he promised he never just sold to anyone. He started to tell me how he would ride his bike everyday far from his home and he would only sell to adults, never kids, and always to people with money, never a bum.

He explained that the area of town he is from is full of scum who sell it to their own neighbors children and to people who are commiting crimes themselves to get the money. He said he feels that his own neighborhood is keeping eachother down. And he didn't want to hurt his community but rather help it. He told me how he has put a park in his old neighborhood with his money. But he first had the children do fundraisers which his clients who are wealthy business men donated money so it wouldn't look suspisious. I don't really understand all the stuff he told me about renovating empty houses into neighborhood stores and such to help cut back on the crack houses.

Just sounded like a bunch of money laundering and stuff. Anyways I told him I still felt ill that he sold drugs. Even if his clients are rich men and women who are going to get it from some where if not from him. I told him that he has enough money to stop. He can get a real job now. That he doesn't have to sell to stay alive anymore. He is selling now out of greed. How can a man have made enough money from selling drugs to do so much for his community and put him and his sister through college and be so intelligent but still feel as if it is all he can do? He would make an awsome business man!

Anyone who can accomplish as much as he has from the measly wage he got for a paper route when he was young is obviously using great skill in a evil way. Anyways I listened and then I spoke. And I cannot have a relationship with a drugdealer. I don't know how I can ok having friends that get high but can't have a friend that supplies but I just can't. The lifestyle wasn't that impressive to through away my morrals. Although my feelings for him almost were.

This world is a crazy screwed up place. He should have never been born into a world where selling drugs or hustling or prostitution or stealing or any other illegal act is the easiest and quickest way out. It isn't fair to him or me or any of the families that these acts effect. It's amazing to see at what lengths some people will go to delude themselves and others that they are a "good person" although their actions prove otherwise.

And just so you don't feel alone, I should tell you that when I was eighteen I was infatuated by an older man who was much like the guy you described. I had no reason to disbelieve him when he told me he had spent four years at Penn State. I thought he meant "college.

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    signs youre dating a drug dealer Signs youre dating a drug dealer
    signs youre dating a drug dealer Signs youre dating a drug dealer
    signs youre dating a drug dealer Signs youre dating a drug dealer
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    signs youre dating a drug dealer Signs youre dating a drug dealer
    signs youre dating a drug dealer Signs youre dating a drug dealer
    signs youre dating a drug dealer Signs youre dating a drug dealer

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