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Women have a fantasy about being dominated. A woman wants the man to take control and handle everything. She has nothing to worry about because he takes away all the worry.

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She wants to submit to all his love and strength. The guy is her rock and she is his joy. Men who chase women get rejected because the very act of chasing women is a submissive feminine quality. Women love romance novels , the typical novel goes like this: Boy usually treats girl with indifference. Girl finds boy contemptible, yet cannot seem to stay away from him. Girl and boy fight the growing attraction.

Boy ends up with girl in a very romantic ending. A woman wants to be in a love story. Love stories are mysterious and full of building sexual tension and then releasing it at key moments. A woman loves a confident, dominant man, loves security, wants to know if he will protect her and make her safe. Women blow off the nice guy and goes with the jerks, why this happens? He is not trustworthy and will do or say anything to make her happy. A woman wants a partner that can take the direction of the relationship.

An alpha man is a leader. He leads the interaction where he wants to go. Treat her like a lover, always, or she will assume gay , weak, lack of confidence, ect, and generally not a catch. Take her to dinner, to have drinks or to your place. They get the lets be friends speech. Not making a move gets you nowhere. These men are too weak to stand for themselves. Men who are successful have choices with women, plan evening dates that can lead to sex. NO group dates until she is your girlfriend. Sometimes walking away is the best negotiating position. Keep alpha male body language, chest out, taking as much space as possible.

Let her think about you. Never tell a woman what you are going to do, let them discover in real time. Take them out one week, miss the next week and take them twice the following one. Always keep her wondering. Leave her curious as what is your next surprise going to be. All woman, weather you are starting of have been for 5 years will test you by not calling you. Let her come to you better. When you go into a relationship wit h a woman, go there to give, ask yourself these questions: You want her to think this: The average woman will sleep with a guy after the 2, 3 dates, provided he does the right things.

Take her to multiple places in the same date, that will dramatically increase the chances to score. Women are like cats, men are like dogs. I think you need to come over here right now and kiss me right now. You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free. Try to kiss her. You will know how she is.

If she likes you she will facilitate. But I also see another option, she is easy, or could be really easy. Lean in and go for the kiss.

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Hey it was nice hearing from you , but I got to run, keep in touch, Hey I am busy, I got to run, keep in touch. A woman loves a strong, confident man, a man that goes for what he wants, that has a mission and vision for his life. Despite whatever they say, a woman loves a man who represents a challenge, something difficult. Women love mystery, a man that is a mystery that she has to pull out information. Send her the message that she cannot control you.

You are unpredictable, uncontrollable. You can download this summary at www. You can Go to turboday. Also you can call me for a TotalSuccess coaching session to develop a crystal clear vision for your life and the commitment to follow through, basically to take your life to the next level. You can donate inspirational accessories at turbmind. In addition you can listen to this summary in Spanish at www. Own who you are and what you want. Make a joke out of it. Be silly and exaggerate.

Or even playfully ignore her. Consistently escalate your dates from friendly to flirty. Sign up below to get immediate access to the First Date Field Manual. I was googling something completely different about men and your article appeared.

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Of course being spiritual I thought it may have a message for me…. I really want the good guys to get the awesome girls and this is the way to override our stupid biology. Stupid biology evolution in both genders, if only it would catch up with reality. This post really hit the nail on the head for me. I am a pretty nice, easygoing guy and I like getting along with everybody. I tend to compliment most people a lot, just because I like to. Also because I want people to like me haha. But I have definitely noticed: When I walk up to them and say how beautiful they are, their eyes light up.

But after a couple minutes, they walk away. I probably compliment people too much, but I do enjoy it. Maybe I should experiment with not complimenting at all for a while and just asking people follow up questions to get to know them better. I love giving compliments as well. I appreciate great qualities in people and love sharing value when I recognize them. I would experiment with what I wrote in the article.

Instead of immediately complementing, give yourself a chance to know these people first. Ask questions that reveal their character, personality, and values. Then I would compliment them on what they share with you. Also, as an ex-follower of your posts, after going through my own journey, I have to say that if your focus is to attract high quality women; then no matter what transformation you undergo, it will all be based on a foundation of neediness.

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  8. Make peace with your issues with women usually stemming around your mother , and the right people will naturally be attracted to you, for who you are. This one is no exception. Wanting a high quality partner does not make you needy. Secure people want to connect with others who improve their life. Cheers to you as well man. Happy that my articles have been so helpful. Thank you for the insightful comment. I really enjoy and learn from or am reminded of important things your posts each week.

    But, I have to say I am pleasantly surprised at how week after week you are able to take dating concepts and relay them into, overall, being a better, more confident man. As a follow-up to this post, I would like share something that I do that kind of helps with many of the items on your list in this article, and, in general, helps me be more organized and, thus, feel more confident and appear more confident.

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    And, that is keeping lists…hand written lists. I tend to keep a notepad in my carrier bad at almost all times. Not only is it helpful when you need an impromptu pen and paper, but I keep a variety of lists going on them. Keeping lists keeps me organized and focused on the things I feel are important. In a pinch, they are excellent conversation starters. Feeling organized is awesome! Feeling and looking organized…. Nick, great article, I have been following you over a year now. I can boost of being the man that any woman needs with your help over a year now.

    Remember, I just inspire and provide insight. Great work my friend and thank you for taking the time to help and direct us all. I mean he can only be not available and a challenge to win over for so long. No matter how mysterious, genuinely successful, engaged and confident we are, familiarity does breed contempt on both sides. Take this as a question or statement. I respect your work and will remain a loyal follower. Being less available early on makes sense. But as the connection progresses, that obviously changes. That said, in a relationship you can still be that challenging, valuable man.

    You encourage and motivate each other. You have your own independent time, friends, and hobbies. You continue to refine and improve yourself. Also, part of it is communicating and growing together.

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    Both partners have to work for the relationship. You have to truly love and respect each other. We work hard to keep that passion and go on adventures together often. I spent years dating around before getting into a relationship. I wanted to work on myself and understand what I really valued in a quality partner. What I learned a while ago is this. If you want to attract a certain woman you need to be able to develop some of those qualities that you want in a woman.

    I think its a great way to look at things and take action in life! Nick this was a really awesome post and pretty much exactly what I needed to read today! As a university student I have found 13 having female friends to be one of the most valuable things you can do to attract women. Thanks and keep up the good work! Glad you liked it so much Zac. Having female friends in college is great and definitely comes with some added benefits.

    Great advice , wish i had gotten it years ago. Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you. Please could you advice me on an issue. I broke up with my girlfriend got dumped. She is 24 and we were dating for 4 years, but she said she needed to know what it is like to date other people before committing to me… Ultimately the point is that she lost attraction for me and needed a break. I am following the ex factor guide and asked Corey Wayne what to do when I see her. While sensitive to your pain — believe me I know how it feels — you are way too young to be talking commitment.

    She probably just got tired of the relationship and wanted to try new men. Perhaps you should as well. The genuine time away will let both of you know in reality whether or not you really want to be with each other or it was just an attraction that ran its course. I forgot to type that I am actually quite a bit older than her. I am in fact 32… The age difference is not the actual problem. But I agree that her youth and lack of experience of other men might be. I suspect that the real reason for wanting to know what it is like to be with other men though is because she was no longer attracted to me because of my behaviour being less than perfect on numerous occasions.

    Or to slowly attempt to seduce her again as Brad Browning suggests..? I appreciate your previous comment Seymoure, and Nick if you are reading this, your opinion would be valued! Dear Chris, As Nick has said and I totally agree, you can never logically convince a woman to like or not like someone, including you. I believe no matter what you do, she will end up doing what she wishes. Its only good when the desire comes naturally from within and we all know it when we have it. Corey Wayne although has some good solid advice is a bit on the rough and crude side in my humble opinion so take it for what its worth.

    All advice is given with good intention but we have to take it in, process it and deliver it through our own style and with our own wants and needs in mind. I would say first, go someplace by yourself and think long and hard on what YOU WANT from her and then proceed, move forward and act, with that crystal clear thought. After all you would not want her being with you and always wondering in the back of her mind, what she missed by giving up all others.

    She must also know that you are worthy of having and she must want you. I went for the kiss as Corey suggested.. She said she was getting tired 3 hours in and was thinking of going home though. She hung around til 4am at which point I walked her to the door and started a mini catch-up about our relationship, and stupidly tried to kiss her again, only to be rejected once more… Bad moves again I know. As Corey Wayne would have suggested.. Bear in mind that when we first broke up one month ago she was telling me she still loves me and thinks of marrying me in the future, but just needs to know more than one relationship before committing to being with me for longer.

    I realise her feelings for me may also have changed since saying that…. I did quite a few things Brad browning would shake his head at though so…. Feeling a little down about it actually.. Attraction and keeping the girl chasing you - http: O yea I watched him a lot last year after this girl left me for my "friend".

    He helped me a lot. I know have an even better girlfriend of 8 months and I'm doing what corey wayne preaches and it's going fantastic. Originally Posted by Coolman Originally Posted by Slats7. He's got heaps of videos on a range of topics. Hopefully it helps you out too. A lot of his advice actually helped me. Watch his vids everyday srs.

    You went full retard man.. Never go full retard. Originally Posted by Chris2far. Originally Posted by kirkster I listen to him in the car daily, some of the videos I have listened to dozens of times. When I feel a bit anxious and need some reassurance that I am doing the right thing NC etc, and "if you change your mind give me a call and walk and never look back" - that really works btw I listen to him and I feel stronger again.

    I like the "relationship curveballs" video especially, I am like the first guy in that video whose GF just freaked out for no apparent reason. I agree with almost every thing CCW says.

    source url A couple of things I am not so sure about though: He says don't contact the girl for a few days after the first date. I reckon that most girls will think you are not interested if you don't get back to them the following day or even intimate that you'd like to see them again at the end of the first date. I could be wrong though, but that is my [limited] experience based on girls in the UK where I live. CCW always talks from a standpoint that it is the guy being weak and needy that is the root of almost all relationship issues. I am not so sure about that - again I am no expert but in nearly all the videos he is talking about weak and needy men blowing the opportunity.

    Many women nowadays think they are princesses with a set of expectations to match that men can never meet.

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