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Sick and tired of being shot down, she begins her journey to prove herself to her fellow ninja K - English - Chapters: The Unheard Voice by cord's cry reviews AU. Will she be noticed this year T - English - Drama - Chapters: Rating for one suggestive line. Defining Duty by selandora reviews Sound declares war on Ame and Konoha; putting them on the same side. This means new teams, a sketchy peace treaty and lots of deception. Sakura makes all the wrong friends again but might love someone else this time around.

Melting the Ice by Princess of the Knight reviews Anzu needed a job to pay for dancing school.

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She never figured she'd end up working for Seto Kaiba as Mokuba's nanny. Anzu thought it would easy but she soon learns things about the Kaiba bros that she never knew. Tsukino by Hyousetsu reviews Haruno Sakura finds that things are not always what they seem when she is forced to survive with a group of deadly missing nin.

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Enter Sasuke Uchiha, fan girl attracter with his famous icy Back Off glare. Complete opposites, yet opposites attract..?

Seriously, just what does Sasuke find in this strange, pink-haired girl? When these girls do, they leave the village to join a familiar organization. When Tea is the next target of his cruelty he pays with his When a strange gem turns him into a five year old, he must find a way to change back. What's more, only Tea knows who he is. Promises by Narutofan reviews Sakura an exchanged student from America has come to Japan and is staying with the Uchiha family..

She needs to figure out the lost memories of her past.. However when two guys catch her eye things become complicated.. Faded Red Clouds by Lutralutra reviews Pein doesn't know why he's stayed with a group as screwy and unstable as Akatsuki for this long, and why he doesn't just let go now that he's wondering. He only knows that in a weird, dysfunctional way, they're like a family. Manicurist by Lyricism reviews AU.

When Kisame comces to yet another new school, the last thing he wants is to get noticed.

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But when a kid named Itachi refuses to leave him alone, will Kisame forge something emotional, or just get annoyed to hell? However, summer is the season for fun Who's everyone going to be flirting with?

Hyuuga Neji of Japan is sent to assist them and finds a secret war, a deception to the Empress, and a woman unlike any he has known. Return to the Spirit World by moviefan reviews It's been 12 long years since Chihiro has been to the spirit world, and she wishes she never left.

After all this time, she finally finds her way back. But what will it take for her to stay?

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I'm bad at summaries. Finding the Medium by Pieredae's Muse reviews One weekend can change the lives of many. Tea stands in for Mokuba's babysitter, but they all get more than they expected. Her family has a lot to teach Seto and Mokuba about love and friendship. The Shadow Realm Games. Brutal contests are held to decide which monster is the best in the realm! Dark Magician Girl's entering this time but will she be able to beat her teacher?

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Tea has been trapped in the ancient past as High Priestess Teana. Now Yugi and Yami must save her from Thief King Barakhan and his new aide Roslyn before Tea repeats her ancestor's mistakes and dies at their hands. There's a dark secret about the boys Can she figure it out, or will she be too caught up in flirting and love? Too bad these party goers didn't know about it.


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And Mokuba gets a later bed time! Well, at least there is a happy ending. Here comes a new summer Imagine Duel Monsters living regular or close to regular lives as we do! Watch as Mana a. Please Read and Review! The Legendary Demons have begun to awaken with the energy of Tea's archrival Rochelle as a power source.

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Now it is up to Tea to discover her roots as High Priestess Teana to stop Rochelle and save the world. If He Can Touch You: In someone else's shoes or is it body? There's nothing supernatural or strange about that, is there? Lost by Egyptian Wolf reviews Three of the worst enemies in YuGiOh are lost in the middle of the forest with no where to go.

Will the three girls that show up help them, or just get them into even more trouble? The Forbidden Love by Anime Psychologist reviews Don't be fooled by the title, it has nothing to do with the love affairs in Cardcaptors. A crossover between Cardcaptors and Yugioh. And to her never ending shock, she wins! But now that's she's the unofficial Queen of Games, new rivals want a piece of her, and Kaiba isn't ready to accept defeat just yet. K - English - Adventure - Chapters: Anything that can happen when you're stuck all alone with someone you despise. Being alone together may drive them to any number of places.

A Dream's Meaning by Xx. But what happens when a new evil arises and threatens the lives of everyone, including Yugi himself? Holiday Blues by rebelxxwaltz reviews Anzu finds Seto Kaiba passed out drunk on a park bench at Midnight. Can she help to cure his holiday blues? Probably also qualifies as comedy, strangely enough. While the Duelists think up the strategies, what do the monsters think?

Take a look inside DMG's mind as she ponders over the bizzare twists in the Duels and in her own life in the Shadow Realm. By unhskikr4ever , October 9, in shippers' paradise. I so want them to present the awards together. We just have to wait for Jk to settle on his plans. You guys are awesome! Will It Snow Christmast Ost is really fit with eunmaru Gosh i think we can make this thread to move fast till pages if the news is rite I go to I tunes and it does not have it:.

Thank you master jeonghyang I can still listen to NG musics in my phone: I guess we didn't have to wait for their dating status to be revealed like we thought. I agree with you. They look so good together. One day we will see them holding hands together while in a movie premiere.. Everyone here sounds pretty sane to me.

WonBin and Lee NaYoung is in relationship? I 've heard that WonBIn has a very intimate girlfriend before, it's that really? I will not be sharing the vid until I'm done with the story but hope you all enjoy the trailer! You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.

chaeki dating Chaeki dating
chaeki dating Chaeki dating
chaeki dating Chaeki dating
chaeki dating Chaeki dating
chaeki dating Chaeki dating
chaeki dating Chaeki dating
chaeki dating Chaeki dating

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